Interested in knowing what books are required reading in college these days?  

The  "Open Syllabus Project"  is the place to go.

Working with more than one million syllabi from universities in the U.S., UK, and other countries, the Project has an enormous database of the most frequently assigned books.

Though the order may change at any time, here is a recent list of books and authors:

1.The Elements of Style – Strunk and White
2. The Republic – Plato
3. The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx
4. Biology – N. Campbell
5. Frankenstein – M. Shelley
6. Ethics – Aristotle
7. Leviathan – T. Hobbes
8. The Prince – N. Machiavelli
9. Oedipus – Sophocles
10. Hamlet – Shakespeare

Of course, required reading may vary widely from discipline to discipline or from university to university, and text searches may be filtered by field (e.g. History, English, Biology), institution (e.g. Cal-Berkeley, U. of Florida, Harvard), state or country.